No being abusive

We do not condone abusive behaviour, if you are caught calling people offensive names, swearing “hah you f***ing re***d” telling someone to do something innapropraite irl you will be perm banned

No swearing

Just to clarify if you didn’t understand from the one above, no swearing/being racist/homophobic/discrimination (calling someone a re****/ni**a

No griefing

No drestroying peoples houses and stealing their stuff unless you are in factions. Griefing results in a PERM BAN

No clients

Hacks, mods & exploits are not allowed. Usage of them will get you perm banned depending on severity

No spamming

No spamming in game chat or discord chat (apart from on the channel spam) this can result in a mute or even a ban depending on severity


No not safe for work, talking about porn, suicide ect. We have all ages. This can result in a perm ban

No politcs

No politics, you can talk about that in real life.

No mass pinging

On the discord no mass pinging/pinging people for no reason. can result in a warning


You can advertise on subredits like r/advertising ect. There are even discord servers dedicated to it. But this realm + discord server is NOT

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