LightCraft Studios

LightCraft Studios is a minecraft bedrock edition team that’s primary focus is running LightCraft – a minecraft bedrock realm.

Darth Makroth


Hey! my name is Samuel aka Darth and I create content for the bedrock edition of minecraft


Head develeper

Lightcraft is the best realm i have ever played on my life. It is very well made. Well done, Darth!


Head Builder

Hey! I am 17 years old and I love building (in game not in real life!) I’m from Germany!


Head moderators assistant

Hi! My name is magerstar or Aeden, I started minecraft in 2015 and I was super interested in the game and its mechanics. Once 2018 came around and command blocks were introduced to Minecraft Bedrock, it just gave me so many things to build with command blocks. It soon became 2019 and I found LightCraft. I applied for moderator and got accepted! My goal now is to clean the realm of rule breakers. Aeden/Mager, Moderator


Head Moderator

Hi, my name is Cookielover36c but you can call me cookie! I am the head moderator. I love meeting new people, and talking with players! I love Minecraft, and this realm is the best, it adds to why I even play Minecraft! -A Cookie.



I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly Useless information



Hi, My name is ChillVireak, or Chill for short, I am a builder of LightCraft, I’m a medieval and lanscape type of builder. I run LightCraft’s Survival Games.



Don’t play survival in a desert

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